Ralph Staropoli Is Living The GP Life In America

By Nick Ienatsch

Two-stroke 250 GP bikes are alive and well at AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) events but those hoping to reach the top step of the box will have to go through Ralph Staropoli.

The 59-year-old’s dominance is reminiscent of Rich Oliver in the AMA’s last few years of AMA Pro two-stroke racing.  Staropoli was a new 250cc GP racer back then with a best AMA Pro national finish of seventh, but 20 years later the Coloradoan has risen to Oliver levels and that’s the highest compliment you can give in American two-stroke road racing. And it’s not just a two-stroke 250 that this guy dominates…read on.

Why This Guy?

My interest in writing about Staropoli is two-fold: First is the ultra-professional approach he has taken in his return to road racing. Staropoli, like many AHRMA racers, quit racing due to the pressures of time, money, and lack of joy…that was 1998 for Ralph…but he kept his 250 and

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