PETRONAS SRT launches limited edition cycling wear with Nopinz (UK)

PETRONAS SRT welcomes new partnership with UK cycling racewear manufacturer, Nopinz

PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team is proud to unveil a new range of special edition cycle wear in conjunction with UK-based cycling racewear manufacturer Nopinz, and in true Nopinz fashion, the range is tailored for speed. 

The range of cycle wear includes a PSRT-inspired jersey either in race or classic fitting, bib shorts and aero socks. Limited to 100 pieces, each item is custom made to order by Nopinz, who offer high-performance products for serious cyclists at all levels, from elite to amateur.  These items can be purchased individually or as a set from here.

The PSRT Nopinz cycle wear perfectly complements the Rudy Project Cycling Kit launched earlier this year and enables any PSRT cycle fan to cut a fine dash on any ride, competition or training session. The range starts from as little as £19.99.


“Cycling is a major element of fitness training for many MotoGP riders and a popular sporting activity for fans of MotoGP as well. Nopinz offered us a fantastic opportunity to launch our own special edition range and I was at the front of the queue to get hold of a set! Cycling is a great way to get and stay fit and we look forward to seeing some of our strongest supporters wearing our kit on their bikes.” Razlan Razali, PSRT Team Principal

“We’re proud of our relationship with PETRONAS SRT. One of the key brand values since the start of our company is “Tailored For Speed”, which aligns perfectly with this racing team. Our aero products are all about improving performances, and we’re honoured that this is being recognised by PETRONAS SRT. When I started Nopinz in 2014, I never imagined that our cycling products would be used by a MotoGP team with legendary riders like Valentino Rossi. PETRONAS SRT will be the last ever team that Valentino will ride for, so we feel privileged to collaborate with the team during his final year.”Blake Pond, Nopinz Founder

“It’s exciting to have a custom cycling wear from the team. As a core cyclist, the Nopinz cycling wear is good in quality. I tried it at the last Austrian GP and it is great for the cycling training sessions we usually have during race week to prepare for the GPs. The design is nice and I’m proud to wear it. We now have a complete set of team wear from racing to training sessions.” – Xavi Vierge, PETRONAS Sprinta Racing Rider

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