MotoGP: Your Chance To Be Marc Marquez’s Overnight Guest At Catalunya

Team Up with Marc Marquez for an Exclusive MotoGP Stay

Grand Prix motorcycle racer Marc Márquez is revved up and ready to host an overnight stay in his team’s motorhome in the heart of the action at the MotoGP race in Catalonia, Spain, just in time for the second half of the season.
For the first time ever, racing fans will be able to sleep in the paddock, in an area normally reserved for professional riders, alongside Marc Márquez’s private trailer and meters away from other elite racers.
Highlights from the stay include a ride on the MotoGP simulator, VIP seating to watch the race, and a personal guided tour of the never-before-experienced pit boxes.


Some of Marc Marquez’s riding gear decorates the entry. Photo by David Vilanova, courtesy Airbnb.


Trading two wheels for four, legendary motorcycle racer, Marc Márquez, has listed his team’s motorhome on Airbnb for a st

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