MotoAmerica: The Fan Experience At COTA Will Be A Lot Different Than With MotoGP

On September 8-10, MotoAmerica is holding its first standalone event at Circuit of The Americas (COTA), and it will be a very different experience for motorcycle road racing fans who have only attended the MotoGP event in Texas.

MotoAmerica has raced at COTA in the past, but it has always done so as part of MotoGP World Championship events. At those events, fan access has been limited and highly controlled. The MotoGP paddock area was closed to most fans, all seats in the grandstands were reserved, and parking usually involved long walks or shuttle rides.

Fans returning to COTA for the standalone MotoAmerica weekend to see the Medallia Superbike, Supersport, Mission King Of The Baggers, Steel Commander Stock 1000, and Mission Super Hooligan races are in for some pleasant surprises.

Let’s start with tickets. A General Admission (GA) ticket allows fans first-come, first-served access to any seat in the grandstands along the front straightaway, in Turn One, and a

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