Moto2: SDK Addressing Ongoing Arm Pump Issue During Summer Break

Sean Dylan Kelly will undergo investigations during the summer break after battling against arm pump issues for the first half of the season.

After a troublesome start to the season, Sean’s arm pump issues came to a point during the final round of the triple-header when the American was forced to retire due to the issue.

The physicality of the Assen track exacerbated the problem beyond his or the team’s control and now Sean will use the five-week break to seek medical advice and treatment in the hope to be fit for the remainder of the season.

We will keep you informed of any further developments.

Sean Dylan Kelly #4

Overall, I think it had been a positive weekend because I felt really good on the bike. I made a big improvement in terms of speed, and I think I was really consistent this weekend plus I’m truly happy with how I worked with the team.

I had good pace on my own – I went from a not-so-stron

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