Miguel Oliveira Absent from French GP

Miguel Oliveira was absent from France as he recovered from the serious shoulder injury sustained in the main race at the Spanish GP. While immediate medical attention successfully repositioned his dislocated left shoulder, further assessments revealed a more severe injury, including a fracture in the humerus and an anterior ligamentous labrum injury.

Can someone please give this man a little good luck? 2023 has not been kind to Miguel Oliveira.

“Ideally, he needs to have surgery,” admitted RNF Aprilia Team Principle Razlan Razali. “But that would take three to four months. A MotoGP rider doesn’t have this luxury to sit out this long. So, he’s letting it heal naturally, with a lot of physio and treatment. He’s off the shoulder brace now, doing some kind of training. But we’re a bit wary, of course, because a shoulder injury for a MotoGP rider takes a lo

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