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Podium Shuffle as Stewards Stew the Results

“To finish first, first you must finish.” The old racing adage was rewritten at Assen. It now reads: “To finish fourth, first you must finish third.”

That’s what happened to Brad Binder. Twice.

Ah, well. Rules are Rules. And he tickled the green paint on the last laps of both Sprint and main races, infinitesimally in the first instance, by very little more the second. On neither occasion did he gain the slightest advantage. But, say it again: Rules are Rules.

Even when the Law is an Ass.

Brad Binder’s tire touched the green track limits in the Sprint race and also on the final lap of the Dutch GP, relegating him from third to fourth place. Twice. PHOTO: KTM IMAGES/POLARITY PHOTO


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