Álex Márquez remains positive after challenging first day at Silverstone

LCR Honda CASTROL rider Álex Márquez received a harsh welcome to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in Friday’s first free practice sessions, the first time the Spanish rider has ridden on the track in the premier class of MotoGP. The two-time world champion had falls in each of the first two outings, with the whole field tested by cooler track conditions than expected.

Álex Márquez remains positive after challenging first day at Silverstone

Nevertheless, the 25 year-old still remains upbeat about his chances of making forward steps throughout the rest of this weekend, when conditions are expected to improve. Álex and his crew have seen enough signs that an improvement is just around the corner in Saturday’s practice sessions and remain confident that with a night of data analysis they will find their way into the top spots.

“The first day in Silverstone was a little bit complicated with the crashes. With a spill in the morning and another in the afternoon session, it didn’t help us show the potential we had today, which actually in the morning was quite good.

Apart from that I think we need to take the positives out of this first day, we can be positive going into tomorrow because we’ve seen lots of good things. It’s true that we are far from the top guys, but here the differences are always bigger. We need to keep going like that and keep improving and I am looking forward to making a step forward tomorrow and forgetting about this first day.”Álex Márquez – 20th (2’01.496)

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